Campden Education - The Family Wealth Essentials Series

Campden Education - The Family Wealth Essentials Series
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Campden Education - The Family Wealth Essentials Series
London, UK

Multi-generational, ultra-high net-worth families are now embroiled in the greatest wealth and power transition in history. This means that education about the fundamentals of family governance is more important than ever. 

Well-defined communication and clear-eyed leadership is required to ensure the difficult subjects of wealth, relationships and entitlement are dealt with sensitively across all generations.

The first virtual training platform of its kind. Campden Education delivers valuable lessons covering the subjects of: stewardship, governance, communication, conflict, leadership, family office and succession; gleaned from the shared experiences of world-class family business owners and their next generation. 

Delivered in bite-sized video tutorials and facilitated virtual lessons, the Family Wealth Essentials Series equips wealth holders with the knowledge to become responsible stewards of their family wealth, business and values; and helps families to evolve, adapt and be prepared for transition. 

The lessons can be accessed any time, any place from your phone or device of your choice. The modules are presented by the rising generation of family members, owners and expert practitioners. It offers real world, personal insights into the problems and solutions they have encountered.



  • Module 1 - Becoming responsible stewards of family wealth

  • Module 2 - Family governance

  • Module 3 - Family communication and conflict management

  • Module 4 - Family business leadership

  • Module 5 - Family office

  • Module 6 - Succession planning



  • The Brown family

  • The Cayzer family

  • The Du Pont family

  • The King family

  • The Mathile family

  • The Weston family



The Family Wealth Essentials Series is aimed at the current owners, principals, next gen and the rising generation of family run enterprises, family offices and foundations. It is also a valuable program for senior family office executives on how to navigate the risks of legacy fortunes and wealth. 



  • Multi-disciplinary approach - Choose from a series of modules, including stewardship of wealth, governance, communication, family business leadership, family office and succession planning 

  • Flexible virtual delivery - Self-paced learning via weekly bite-sized videos that can be accessed anytime or place, from a device of your choice 

  • Accessible courses for the whole family - Ability to mix-and-match modules for multiple family members without the commitment to fulfil the whole course 

  • Practical takeaways - Equip yourself and your family with the fundamental knowledge and tools to make better decisions

  • Global connectivity - Learn alongside other families from around the globe

  • Inspirational learning - Facilitated by expert practitioners and supported by storytelling from multigenerational families 

  • Certification - Be part of an elite alumni, consisting of the world’s leading family businesses and family offices 

  • Best practice - Anticipate, respond to and plan for issues shaping the future of your family 

  • Extraordinary value - A cost-efficient way to build knowledge and understanding



  • Nick Di Loreto - Principal, BanyanGlobal 

  • Jennifer East - Founder, ONIDA Family Advisors Inc 

  • Grégoire Imfeld - Founder, One Family Governance 

  • Alexandra Sharpe - Co-Founder, Kinestra Partners 

  • Bryn Mars Monahan - Fourth-Generation Family Member, Family Enterprise Consultant 

  • Philip Mackeown - Fifth-Generation Family Member, Business Leadership & Career Coach 

  • Emily Griffiths-Hamilton - Third-Generation Family Member, Family Enterprise Advisor 

Delivering a foundation of knowledge and tools for successfully managing family wealth through the generations 


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