The top 75 Fastest Growing Mid-sized Family Business

The top 75 Fastest Growing Mid-sized Family Business

Campden Wealth has compiled a list of the top 75 fastest growing mid-sized family business worldwide. Using primary and secondary data, complemented by a detailed survey and in-depth interviews with academics and experts in family businesses, the report delves into the three key areas:

i) the nature of the family business;
ii) the governance issues they have to negotiate and;
iii) how they finance their ongoing operations.

The ‘nature of the business’ explores some of the more macro level details such as the primary region of activity, the industries within which they operate and their workforce. The report explores trends such as why North America accounts for 75% of all business activity, despite only 22% of the top 75 family businesses being headquartered there, and the reason why technology-based companies are particularly uncommon.

The report also investigates some of the ‘softer’ topics associated with family offices, with the role of the next generation and succession planning featuring heavily.

One conundrum that family businesses face for example, is whether or not family members become ‘owners’, ‘managers’ or both. In smaller family businesses this conundrum is easier to negotiate, but as the family grows, clear and concise steps need to be taken in order to ensure the business survives across periods of generational transition.

Finally, we explore the ways in which family businesses finance their operations, taking a closer look at debt and equity financing. The report also examines the role that private equity can play in helping family businesses grow beyond their current capabilities.

Ultimately, this report by Campden Research, in partnership with KKR, is one of the few studies that lifts the lid on how the most successful family businesses in the world are growing. We want more families to use this data to support their decision making and to achieve enduring success for their own ventures.

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