Responsible Investment in Asia 2011

Responsible Investment in Asia 2011

This one-off report looks at the definition of responsible investment in the Asia-Pacific region and global drivers for its growth in the coming years.

Asian governments, corporations and individuals have little choice but to start to adopt policies towards sustainable economic growth if they are to avoid potential environmental catastrophes in the future - and this report details in-depth many of the environmental and social crises facing the region if the approach is not taken.

But this necessity also presents opportunities for shrewd and conscientiousness investors. This report pinpoints why responsible investment might just be one of the most interesting - and potentially lucrative - investment opportunities of the 21st century

Topics include:

  • How to identify what is responsible
  • Global drivers for responsible investment
  • Whether responsible investment and financial returns are mutually exclusive
  • How to embed the responsible investment approach into an investment portfolio

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