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Campden Club
Peer Networking and education on a global scale for families of substantial wealth

The Campden Club membership provides networking opportunities and unrivalled support to families and their next generation through:

  • Member profiling and bespoke connections
  • Global & regional family wealth events
  • Online communication with members around the world
  • Co-investment workshops, masterclasses, Women of Wealth (WoW) and next-gen programmes
  • Research, reports & intelligence
  • Multigenerational education programmes

The Campden Club Membership Opportunity

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The Campden Club, incorporating the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) and Campden Family Connect (CFC), is the pre-eminent wealth membership club for:

  • Multigenerational business-owning families
  • Families of substantial wealth and their family offices
  • Private investors

By joining the Campden Club, you become part of a global community of more than 1,400 family members and family offices from 39 countries.

Members join the Campden Club to:

  • Become better stewards of their wealth
  • Benchmark against peers
  • Make better decisions for their family legacy
  • Build trusted friendships and relationships
Campden Wealth Membership Community
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Types of Membership

Annual membership fees include access to all events, facilitated introductions, communication online with fellow members via Memberlink®, participation in co-investment workshops and receipt of reports, research and publications.

Campden Club recognises that families and family offices around the world have different needs and objectives. Accordingly, we offer the following:

Individual Membership
- The named principal only

Family Membership
- The named principal as well as one other individual from the family or family office. A next-generation family member may attend events with the named family principal.

Membership Benefits

Family gathering
  • Access to a global family community
  • Participation in private member briefings
  • Attendance at conferences, roundtables and co-investment workshops
  • Connection through our online membership platform, Memberlink ©
  • Personalised introductions to other members of the community
  • Bespoke wealth management intelligence reports and data
  • Family Business and Family Office publications
  • Priority application when applying for generational education programmes

Wrought iron gate

We honour the trust of our members by restricting access to and participation in our community. Membership is carefully controlled on a qualified, by invitation-only basis. There is a written code of conduct to which all members must adhere.

To maintain privacy and exclusivity, access to membership, events and publications is restricted.

Only family members, principals and executives from family and patrimonial businesses, foundations and family-controlled private investment offices (unaffiliated with any bank or financial services firm or corporation) will qualify.

In addition to gratitude, one of the strongest contributors leading to happiness is a sense of belonging to a community. I have to say that [Campden has] created an extraordinary community and I benefit from it by a large multiple of what I bring to it. Thanks for all you do.
Member since 2008

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