Senior Researcher

Gaining real insight into the world’s wealthiest business-owning and financial families, and their family offices, is one of the biggest challenges within market research today. Most who attempt it rely on Secondary Research with all of its limitations. The Research Team at Campden Wealth is one of the very few that conducts Primary Research within this important community, recruited through Camped Wealth’s extensive network. The resulting insights are extraordinarily valuable to the community and those that service them, and the Research Team has enjoyed rapid growth and wide acclaim. We are now hiring for the position of Research Consultant, reporting to the Director of Research, to build on the success. The position will see you take responsibility for sponsored research projects into the community, with complete ownership of all stages from scoping out the research to producing a thought leadership report containing the key findings. The main responsibilities of this position include (but are not limited to):

·       Project management – Ensure that each project is properly planned and executed and that the research is done to the highest standard.

·       Research – Conduct qualitative and quantitative research as appropriate for projects – most projects involve a blend of both. You will develop discussion guides/quantitative surveys, help recruit research participants, conduct interviews, analyse results, lead the identification of key findings and brainstorm implications.

·       Sponsor management – Manage the research sponsors to ensure that they are appropriately engaged and involved at every stage in the process, while protecting the absolute independence of the research. You will also seek to understand the sponsor and their wider needs, and think about other future opportunities.

·       Report writing and presentation – Write thought leadership reports containing the key findings, ranging in length from 20-90 pages. These reports must be well structured and written, with the key findings made very accessible. Additionally, you will, in time, be expected to present the findings at Conferences arranged for the community around the world.

·       Team working – A key part of our success is teamwork, and you must work well with others and contribute to a supportive and inclusive working environment. 

Preferred Qualifications:

·       At least five years of relevant experience in qualitative and quantitative research, either on the client or agency side.

·       Experience with banking and investments (across multiple asset classes would be ideal).

·       Outstanding writing and editing skills in English, and experience of authoring research reports.

·       Excellent academic credentials.

·       Previous experience in successfully managing clients and client relationships.

·       Ability to work as a member of a closely-knit team.

·       Interest in wealthy business-owning and financial families, and their family offices.

·       Working knowledge of quantitative research analysis software such as Q.

Qualified candidates should email a resume and cover letter to Rebecca Gooch at Please include your last name and the position title in the subject of your email.