The Private Wealth Management Program at Wharton

Challenging markets require renewed and careful focus. Since 1999, the Institute of Private Investors, IPI, has partnered with The Wharton School to create the Private Wealth Management program. The five day program is offered at The Wharton School’s campus at the University of Pennsylvania and at its new San Francisco campus. 

To date, 990 private investors from 49 countries have completed this comprehensive curriculum. The program is appropriate for any investor wishing to deepen his or her knowledge, but is particularly well-suited to second-generation members of families of wealth.

Designed to give families the foundation of knowledge necessary to oversee substantial private wealth, these intensive programs are taught by Wharton faculty. By participating in the true-to-life Currency Family case study, participants have an opportunity to apply what they learn in key areas of wealth management. This intensive course combines education with an unusual chance to meet and work with others who, like themselves, are members of a family with substantial assets.


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