Campden Wealth Events

Campden Wealth Events is a global leader in providing private forums for significant business and financial families, and their private offices.

For over a decade Campden Wealth has been bringing together families from throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East, for exclusive closed-door meetings covering family business, family office and wealth management issues.

Campden Wealth provides thought leadership for families of substantial wealth to learn from each other as well as key industry experts through networking, case studies, panel presentations and proprietary research.

Below are the events run by Campden Wealth on a regular basis:

Campden Conferences

The demands of leadership placed upon principals of ultra high net worth financial and business families and family office executives, require relationships built from trusted connections and access to resources provided within a confidential and discreet environment.

Campden Wealth makes engaging with resources – whether information or people – highly productive. As the global leader in facilitating private forums for the world’s ultra affluent, we connect business-owning and financial families to appropriate professional experts.

Having produced over 200 private events worldwide, Campden Wealth’s conferences are respected for their thought-provoking, timely content presented in a context of confidentiality and integrity.

Independently facilitated peer-to-peer exchanges engage families, qualified professional experts and highly regarded thought leaders in direct dialogue around the unique challenges that confront families of substantial wealth. Issues are openly addressed via Campden Wealth’s innovative format of case studies, best practices roundtables, one-on-one interviews, instructive workshops and interactive panel discussions.

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Campden Roundtables

Roundtable events are independent, closed-door peer-to peer forums, tailored to the objectives of an exclusive partner. These time sensitive four-hour experiences are targeted at 25 participants on a complimentary ‘by invitation’ only basis.

These intimate gatherings enable the world’s leading family business and family office leaders to share their ‘knowledge and experiences’ on proprietary topics in a safe haven environment.

A diverse range of subjects including wealth strategies and alternative investment portfolios, next-generation transitions, investing successfully in the BRIC countries, philanthropy and the appointment of non-family business leaders have all been discussed.

Since 2010, roundtables have been successfully hosted in key wealth capitals including London, Zurich, Singapore, Moscow, New York, Frankfurt, Dubai, Barcelona, San Francisco, Geneva, Chicago, Dallas and Milan.

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Medical Technology Investing Conference

For the past nine years, Campden Wealth has produced the premier event focused on investment partnering within the medical technology industry.

Convened twice a year in Switzerland and London, Medtech attracts innovators along with industry funders and major corporations from around the world for an exploration of investment opportunities.

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Clean Tech Investing Conference

With the emerging global market for sustainable and green technologies, business families, family offices and nextgen are increasingly attracted to the investment potential of the cleantech industry. The Cleantech Investing Seminar is dedicated solely to investment opportunities that address the roots of ecological challenges and advance environmental stewardship with new science while simultaneously providing investors with significant returns.

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