Advisor Community

Educational Partners and Leaders Council

The goal of the Institute for Private Investors is to provide innovative educational and networking resources to families with substantial assets and their advisors, and in so doing to change the way investors work with advisors and advisors work with investors, for the benefit of both.

IPI's community also includes a side-by-side membership of advisors. Whether a money manager, an attorney, a hedge fund manager or a family facilitator, these professionals are contributing to, and learning from, the IPI community.

Within an advisor community of 145 firms, Leaders Council firms hold a unique position. Limited to just 30 firms, Leader Council members enjoy benefits not enjoyed by other advisors; primarily, the chance to attend forums with private investor members. By interacting as a fellow participant of the event, it is possible for Leaders Council firms to lay the foundation for genuine and lasting relationships.

All IPI members, advisors and investors alike, agree to a code of conduct when they join, and respect the non-commercial tradition of IPI events.

"My vision for these families was of a safe harbour - a community where investors ask questions of substance and advisors respond with clarity - where investors know that giving an honest answer to questions their advisors ask will benefit both parties - an educational experience that includes authentic give and take; in short, an investor-advisor dialogue"

Charlotte B. Beyer, Founder & CEO Institute for Private Investors