Media roundup: Global Family Office Report 2017

Dozens of the world's top media outlets have reacted to the release of Campden Wealth's 2017 Global Family Office Report, released this month.

The GFO report, produced in conjunction with UBS, analysed survey data from 262 family offices from around the world—the largest pool of participants since the study began four years ago. Researchers also conducted 25 in-depth interviews with family office principals, executives and advisers.

Media outlets around the world ranging from specialist finance publications to mainstream titles covered the report's findings, looking at angles including succession, investment strategy, human capital, impact investing, and female involvement in family offices.

The composite global portfolio of family offices (FOs) returned a healthy 7% in 2016, compared with 2015’s disappointing 0.3%. Growth was driven by equities and private equities, which represent a combined 47% of family office portfolio. Meanwhile, performance of hedge funds and real estate was more subdued, and their popularity among FOs declined accordingly.

Other key findings include the trend towards millennial-driven impact investing, along with strong commitment to philanthropy, and a slowness among FOs to prepare adequate succession plans.

See below for a roundup of media coverage of the GFO.


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North America

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South China Morning Post: China’s newly wealthy families favour real estate, equities, and are increasingly looking abroad, study says

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The Business Times Wealth & Finance: Average assets in Singapore family offices nearly double those in Asia-Pacific

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