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CampdenFO(Family Office) was launched in 2008 as the only global magazine dedicated to covering the rapidly growing market of private single and multi family offices.

Published quarterly, CampdenFO has set the agenda for thought leadership in the field through in-depth examination of professional best practices and profiles on family offices and in depth investment pieces all written by senior financial journalists and commentators .

CampdenFOprobes the key issues facing family office principals and executives - including risk management, staffing and investment strategies - to help ensure future success. Each issue includes interviews with senior single or multi family offices, features on current trends and investment updates, articles on tax and jurisdictional matters, commentary and news analysis, plus a section dedicated to philanthropy.

CampdenFOis a controlled-circulation publication that is delivered exclusively to 5,500 qualified single and multi family offices. This is supported by a dedicated and comprehensive website,, where the latest news on family offices is posted daily. also offers visitors access to a fully searchable directory of service providers. Beyond expert views and daily news and features, brings readers regular power lists - like the top 10 banks for family offices and the top jurisdictions for offices - as well as reader surveys and videos. 

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