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Institute For Private Investors Marks 20th Anniversary, Offers UHNW Investment Outlook

The Institute for Private Investors (IPI), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has identified three key trends for the future that the organization is observing among ultra-high net worth investors.  

For the past 20 years, IPI has provided investment education and networking resources to its national membership of ultra-high net worth investors and private families.  IPI member families have minimum assets of $30 million.  Four in ten families have assets of $200 million or more.

"The portfolio allocation and investment trends reported by ultra-affluent investors often lead the broader market.  For example, IPI families began investing in hedge funds in the late 1990s, anticipating the wider move into hedge funds," said Mindy Rosenthal, IPI executive director.  "We currently see three trends which are becoming increasingly important for ultra-high net worth investors."

The investment trends are:

  • Global investing.  Portfolios of the UHNW increasingly are going global, a trend which has been demonstrated by IPI's Family Performance Tracking surveys of the past couple of years.  In 2011, IPI families indicated they had invested nearly a third of their portfolios outside of their domestic market.  In 2012, nearly half of IPI families said they were planning to increase their holdings in global equities this year.
  • Direct investment in private companies.  This year, 55% of IPI families said they're looking to increase direct investments in private companies, a growing trend IPI sees continuing into the future among UHNW investors.
  • Other real assets.  Post the financial crisis, given the continued volatility and uncertainty of the market, UNHW investors increasingly are favoring real, tangible assets.  These include commercial and residential real estate, as well as gold, land and artwork.

"Sophisticated ultra-affluent investors increasingly have an international outlook, and are seeking potential investment opportunities in markets around the world," Rosenthal said.  "And we are seeing a general movement toward owning real assets, and backing companies with real businesses, including start-ups."

About IPI

The Institute for Private Investors (IPI) ( is a trusted provider of educational and networking resources for ultra high-net-worth investors and operates as an independent U.S. subsidiary of Campden Wealth. IPI provides a safe haven for investors to communicate with each other, and their advisors, about their wealth management approach. IPI offers education and an online network to 1,100 investors and has offices in New York and San Francisco. In 1999, IPI created the nation's first private wealth management curriculum for principals and continues to collaborate on weeklong programs with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. An affiliated company, the Investor Education Collaborative, LLC, was formed in 2004 to offer experiential educational formats and online classes.  IPI is a subsidiary of Campden Wealth.

About Campden Wealth

Campden Wealth (, founded in 1987, provides education, news, research, conferences and other networking opportunities to principals of ultra high-net-worth financial and business-owning families, and the family office executives and trusted advisors who serve them.  Campden produces global conferences and proprietary research serving the ultra high-net-worth, multigenerational family community, as well as Campden FO (Family Office) and Campden FB (Family Business), two market-leading magazines and websites that inform this highly targeted audience.  Campden Wealth is a global business with offices in London, New York and Singapore and is the parent company of the Institute for Private Investors (IPI).

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