Latest issue of CampdenNXG: Luxury

Luxury is glamorous, but it is far from frivolous. The sector accounts for 3% of Europe’s GDP, and it employs almost a million people. It also keeps alive artisan industries that are central to Europe’s idea of itself as a place of history and continuity, and where quality can flourish. The respect for tradition probably explains why many of the best-known luxury businesses are family affairs. China loves European luxury brands, of course, and if China is the future, then luxury will only become more important for Europe.

Luxury isn’t just about history, though. Some of the new, up-and-coming luxury brands are family firms too – such as Caudalie. In this issue, next-gen founder Mathilde Thomas talks about her recent move from France to New York for a push into the US, South America and Asia. We also have interviews with Ethan Koh, a fourth-generation tanner from Singapore whose bag business Ethan K is surely a brand to watch, and Frank Wang, a third-generation Chinese entrepreneur who is helping luxury brands find a foothold in China. We also report from Savile Row, the world’s most famous menswear street and a hotbed of family firms.

But it’s not all glamour. We also have a brilliant feature asking whether it’s still worth investing in the renewables sector, after the Solyndra fiasco in America has made many people doubt it. Cleantech is a long-term investment that ought to appeal to families, after all. It seems that if you’ve got an eye for the next big thing and an appetite for risk, now is the time to get involved.

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