Latest issue of CampdenFO: Riskier risk

Risk management back in the good old days, before the financial crisis of 2008/2009, was something left to a compliance officer and maybe a lawyer – the main decision-makers were rarely involved because, as everyone was making money, it wasn’t such a big deal. Now things are different and much more troublesome. Not only is it harder to make money these days, but also risks like counterparty and reputation have come to the fore much, much more.
In this issue of CampdenFO, we take a look at the implications for risk management at family offices in these straitened times. Questions like what makes more sense today in how to manage risk and should it be outsourced are answered.

In this quarter’s profile, we carry an interview with Sebastian Lyle, an heir to one of the UK’s most iconic companies, Tate & Lyle – a dynasty that became shorthand for all things sugar. Lyle now runs a burgeoning family office, which carries the best bits, as the interview reveals, of the legacy of a great family business.

This CampdenFO’s main investment piece is awash with water. The elixir of life might seem everywhere if you live in northern Europe, which has had a particularly wet summer, but investors increasingly see it as a valuable asset, one where money is to be made.
The edition also has an interview with Jonathan Dimbleby, from the UK’s best-known broadcasting dynasty, about the family’s efforts to foster a foundation that gives grants to fund cancer research.

This quarter’s issue further carries an introduction to Campden’s latest research on family businesses and offices in eastern Europe and Russia. The research provides an interesting insight into the burgeoning family business culture in eastern Europe – and how that is influencing the investment thinking of business owners in the region.

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