Latest issue of CampdenFO: Mega Giving

The latest issue of CampdenFO has now been published.
This issue features Jeff Raikes, the world’s biggest giver, in the philanthropy section. Tasked with giving away billions of dollars by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Raikes tells CampdenFO what it’s like running the world’s biggest philanthropic organisation.
The magazine also looks at remuneration – how much do family offices actually pay their staff? Few seem to know, but through an extensive survey of the sector in the UK and Switzerland, CampdenFO in association with search firm Sulger Buel & Company reveals how much they are paying.
Technological advances have become an important aspect of family offices, finds this issue. CampdenFO looks at how family offices have moved from spreadsheets to cloud computing, outsourcing and customised software.
Research has found that the number of family offices in Asia-Pacific may be small, but there are big opportunities to grow the family office model in the region. We give a snapshot of the main findings of Campden Research’s inaugural survey on family offices in Asia-Pacific.
Companies are also eyeing private placements for funding – CampdenFO explores how family offices can get involved in this mode of investment. But there has also been some bad news - investment in hedge funds hasn’t paid off in recent years. CampdenFO finds that underperformance, fee structures and redemption restrictions have all angered investors – many of them family offices.

Launched in 2008, CampdenFO is the only global magazine dedicated to covering the growing market of private single and multi family offices.

Published quarterly, CampdenFO is quickly setting the agenda in this hard-to-reach space by examining current trends, governance and investment best practice, wealth management and exclusive interviews with influential family offices. CampdenFO is a controlled circulation publication that is delivered exclusively to 5,500 qualified single and multi family offices.