Latest issue of CampdenFO: Investing par excellence?

In this edition, CampdenFO has an exclusive interview with the man at the heart of Wendel for much of the last 40 years of its existence, Ernest-Antoine Seillière. Wendel is the perfect example of a family business that has transformed itself successfully to a private equity group. What Seillière doesn’t know about European business and dealmaking can be written on the back of a label for Chanel N°5.

The issue also looks at how family offices are lobbying governments to help influence the outcome of regulatory changes affecting them. This is happening in the US, where lobbyists working on behalf of family offices were able to influence the outcome of the Dodd-Frank Act. European offices are taking note and there is talk of a more collective approach being followed there.

Also in this edition, we have a condensed version of our latest research report, Next-Generation Wealth: The New Face of Affluence.

The investment section looks at the emerging market phenomenon of Latin America. Western family offices are increasingly looking at investment opportunities there.

Meanwhile, this quarter’s philanthropy feature looks at the Ikea Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the massive flat-pack furniture group, and includes an interview with its head, Per Heggenes.

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