Latest issue of Campden FB: Entrepreneurship

CampdenFB is starting its 13th year with a fresh design – which shouldn’t just be more pleasing to the eye, but should also allow you, the reader, greater access to the stories and facts essential to running a family business in the 21st century.

The new-look FB includes our cover story featuring Johan Andresen, the head of Ferd, a fifth-generation Norwegian family business that now runs one of the most diversified investment portfolios in Scandinavia.  Andresen did much to reinvent the business – indeed, his entrepreneurship is what many family businesses hope to replicate. Some of course have more luck than others.

But what, beyond luck, are the elusive things that create entrepreneurs in successive generations of family businesses when necessity is removed from the motivation process? We take a look at the more plausible theories and ponder some interesting case studies in ‘Strategy’.

In our new-look ‘Enjoy Your Wealth’ section we look at investing in global sports teams. Although only for the wealthiest – indeed some might say the most foolhardy (given the cash drain many sports teams end up being) – it’s surprising how many of them are owned by family businesses.

Also in this edition, we unveil one of our most popular features, the top 50 family business leaders. The list looks at those individuals who excel in stewardship of their family firm and also deliver strong growth.

Published since 2001, CampdenFBmagazine has provided business-owning families of substantial wealth with the knowledge, insights and vital business intelligence they require to manage their enterprises and their families successfully. Each quarterly issue contains exclusive family interviews, dedicated sections on all aspects of finance, governance and the next generation, timely special reports, comment and debate, news analysis and lifestyle features.

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