IPI Founder Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

In crediting the community of IPI for much of her success, Beyer acknowledged that this triumph demonstrates IPI’s ongoing commitment to be the premier networking and educational resource for families of substantial wealth.


Commenting on the award, Dominic Samuelson, CEO of IPI’s parent, Campden Wealth, said: "We are delighted to see this industry-wide honour bestowed on Charlotte Beyer, and especially pleased that IPI’s unique ‘safe harbor’ for investors was recognized in the citation read at the awards.”



Giver, Doer, Sage.  


A witness to the evolution of an industry, we honor a person who has had as much impact on the development of the wealth management sector as anyone. 


She - yes it is one of our female colleagues - understands the client experience, and as a former advisor/practitioner she appreciates the challenges advisors have to contend with, and the business challenges wealth management firms confront.   Few have straddled this continuum as well.


Describing herself as a shy girl from the Upper East Side when she entered Westover School, Connecticut she found an environment that nurtured her talents and encouraged her to find her own voice.  It had a transformative and lasting effect. 


After a 20-year career on Wall Street she founded the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) - a de facto trade group for private investors.  


The IPI’s centerpiece, and her legacy, was the creation of peer-to-peer learning in an environment free from commercialism better known as IPI's signature "safe harbor" environment.   It was in this forum, and in collaboration with investor programs hosted at The Wharton School, that she championed the interests of private investors.


Although she retired in 2012, and possibly with the nurturing benefits of her schooling in mind that she founded the Principle Quest Foundation.  This remarkable, self-funded, not-for profit organization supports innovative education and creative mentoring programs focused on the financial education of girls and women.  Grants are also awarded to help young women who, in the foundation’s own words “just might go on to transform Wall Street”.


Last year, and with her enthusiasm burning as bright as ever, she authored what may become a landmark publication - Wealth Management Unwrapped.  This compilation of best practices offers a comprehensive guide for both the newly wealthy and the experienced investor.   Full of applied insights, cautions, and exhortations for the unwary, it provides a nuanced, textured portrait of an industry in transition.


Hers is a tangible legacy that is rooted in a 40-year career in financial services.  It is a lifetime of achievement that makes us proud to count her as a colleague.


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The Institute for  Private  Investors  (IPI)  (http://www.memberlink.net)  is  a  trusted  provider  of  educational  and  networking  resources  for  ultra-­high-net -worth  investors. IPI provides a  safe  haven  for investors  to  communicate  with  each  other,  and  their  advisors,  about  their  wealth  management  approach.  IPI offers education and  an  online  network  to  1,100  investors  and  has  offices  in  New York  and  San  Francisco.  In  1999, IPI created the nation’s first  private  wealth  management  curriculum  for  principals  and  continues  to  collaborate with The  Wharton  School  at  the  University  of  Pennsylvania  on  five-day  programs, now also including the Private Wealth Management Professional Track. IPI is a subsidiary of  Campden Wealth.