The very first edition of NXG, Campden’s new magazine specifically for next-gens, has a slightly boozy, celebratory theme. We have an interview with Mark de Kuyper, the 11th generation member of a Dutch brewing dynasty who is currently based in Miami. Then we have taken a look at the next-gens who are bringing Champagne into the 21st century. As a digestif we’ve added an interview with a London-based businessman whose family has been making gin in London since the 1680s.
Distributed with CampdenFB this quarter, CampdenNXG is packed full of profiles and essential information for next-gens – the future leaders of family businesses and their enterprises. We have sparkling columns by big-name writers and interviews with the Generation Ys who are already changing their families’ businesses. Plus there’s a lifestyle section with the world’s best summer drives and a look at the next big thing in Hong Kong – tapas. And, as they say, much, much more.

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