Campden FB-EDHEC launch family business scholarship programme for next generation leaders

CampdenFB, in association with EDHEC Business School, is pleased to announce the launch of the CampdenFB-EDHEC Scholarship Programme.

The inaugural initiative provides for up to 10 CampdenFB-EDHEC-Scholarships (valued at €15, 000 each) for candidates accepted in the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA.

The EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA is the 1st Global Executive MBA in Europe for family business next generation leaders. The nine week modular programme, spread over 15 months, meets the triple requirement of modern family businesses: competitive imperative, efficient governance and leadership excellence.

The scholarship competition is open to all applicants to the February 2015 intake of the EDHEC Family Business Global EMBA (GEMBA).

Applicants should have around 10 years of work experience, of which 4 years are with managerial responsibilities in the family firm. They should be identified as next generation leaders, either family members or non-family executives in the family business.

CampdenFB editor, Nicholas Moody, commented: "Succession is one of the fundamental issues faced by family businesses as less than 3% transition successfully to the third generation. This initiative aims to arm 10 recipients with the tools to ensure their family business doesn’t become yet another statistic."

EDHEC Family Business CenterDirector, Sylvain Daudel, added: "EDHEC Business School is delighted to join CampdenFB in this generous and creative initiative.  Proposing this allied scholarship programme allows worldwide candidates to take part in our unique Family Business Global Executive MBA."

Application process

To apply to the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA, candidates must provide the following:

·       Application form and resume

·       Company endorsement

·       2 essays and 2 references

·       €200 application fee


Pre-selected candidates for the GEMBA programme will be interviewed either in their country of residence or via video-conference/Skype prior to the decision of the Admissions Committee.

Applicants competing for the CampdenFB-EDHEC scholarships must submit an additional essay (between 1,500 and 2,000 words) addressing the following question:

"As a Family Business Executive, what are the three most critical challenges facing the family business model in the next 5-10 years"

To register, visit:

The application deadline for the scholarships is: 30 December 2014

Winners of the scholarships will be awarded at Campden Wealth’s European Family Office Conference in London on 4-5 November 2014.



Notes for editors

For more information about the scholarships, please contact:

Romuald GALLET
EDHEC Business School
GEMBA Admissions Office
16-18 Rue du Quatre-Septembre
75002 Paris – France
Phone: +33 1 53 32 76 62


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