Broman Group

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Broman Group was rewarded with Campden European Family Business 2013 –award in the series of “Top Family Business of the Year”. The selection for a family business of the year in a competition that has remarkable versatile criterions is a significant acknowledgement, which is being directed for the whole company.

-    We have built a successful and great company together with our personnel, says Eero Broman, Broman Group chairman of the board.

Broman Group was successful in a well-known group. Other series nominees among others were Miele, Swatch, H&M, Versace Group and Lego Group.

-    It feels good to get this kind of acknowledgement, especially when we know how many well-know and successful companies from Europe were nominated in to the same category and were competing from the same award with us, corporation chief executive officer Harri Broman delights.

Broman Group was rewarded in Finland with “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2009 as a growth company in the field of commerce. In 2000 Broman Group was rewarded with national entrepreneur award.

Broman Group was founded in 1965 and it was erstwhile named Pielisensuun Auto. Broman Group is specialized in car spare parts and accessory retail. Company has grown fast during the recent years. Six years ago company made a large step forward by buying Motonet Oy that was larger than Broman Group conglomerate. Nowadays Broman Group has 900 employees and its sales turnover is nearly 205 million euros.